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Every Classic Has A Story

Let us help write yours

You have your classic or hot rod for a reason. Maybe you grew up sitting in the back of it or grew up dreaming about it. Maybe it wasn’t what you were looking for, but the vehicle you learned you needed. Here at Ed’s, our cars, trucks, and motorcycles are like family. We take pride in knowing that when your vehicle leaves, that it will be the best that it can possibly be! In addition, we encourage customer interaction during the process. No steps are hidden here!
Your vehicle is stripped to a bare body, parts cataloged and photographed, and set up on a chassis cart if needed. All paint and rust is then removed by one of our qualified contractors

The vehicle is prepped and sprayed with epoxy primer to prevent any more oxidation. Any and all rusted areas are cut out and replaced with fresh sheet metal. All welds are done by either MIG or TIG processes.

The vehicle is body worked to perfection, followed by paint done to a  high quality finish. When all parts are painted, the final step in your restoration is begun when the interior and exterior parts are installed!

How it's done

the process

From start to finish, we take note of every detail.

Free Estimate

While no vehicle estimate can be guaranteed, the first step in the process involves us assessing the condition of the vehicle - at no charge!

The Design

Stock or modified? The sky is the limit! We will discuss colors, any body modifications, and the drivetrain.

The Build

We bring your dream to life! Here at Ed's, we encourage customer interaction through every step of your build.

The road to restoration

Starting your journey

Congrats on taking the first step to getting your ride on the road in the sharpest way possible. 


We have built our knowledge data base and are well equipped with the knowledge and tools to get your hotrod shining down the road. 


We are ready to take your dream machine and bring it to life! Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.