From classic to modern


From top to bottom


You have your classic or hot rod for a reason. Maybe you grew up sitting in the back of it or grew up dreaming about it. Maybe it wasn’t what you were looking for, but the vehicle you learned you needed. Here at Ed’s, our cars, trucks, and motorcycles are like family. We take pride in knowing that when your vehicle leaves, that it will be the best that it can possibly be! In addition, we encourage customer interaction during the process. No steps are hidden here!

services to keep you on the road

We know just how important a good running vehicle is to get from home to work and more. We have all the services to take care of the general needs to the cosmetics and replacement of wiring, panels and more!

Common & Reoccurring

General maintenance

At Ed’s Rods & Rides LLC, we bring our classic car skills to your domestic daily driver. We offer basic repairs and maintenance to keep you on the road and driving in comfort and safety.




Oil Change

We service many aspects of vehicle needs. Contact us if you don't see what you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate.